Think back to a point in time when you cut through a decadent slice of soft chocolate cake; relive the energy of life and celebration; and listen to the laughter surrounding that magical moment when time stood still and everyone around you was truly living life.

Relive the moment when your lips tasted the smooth chocolate sauce as your teeth dove into the softness of the cake. Can you feel the decadent love frozen in that moment?

“Fall in love with every bite”

Bite into a flaky, buttery tart shell filled with gooey chocolate filling or light and fluffy whipped cream topped with the most succulent fresh fruit of the season. Sink into the guilty pleasure of quenelles of silken mousse as the satiny soft texture rolls over your tongue.

 Induce wholesome goodness and rustic love everyday with the variety of aromatic breads that we have in store for you. Explore the sensations of oral pleasure, by exciting every taste bud of your tongue. Explore the variety of life, one taste at a time.

“Titillate your taste buds”

Take a break from the rat race of life with an indulgence, a Tryst with the love, if you will. Indulge in the moment at your next get together with our carefully selected range of morsels that are guaranteed to bring the bounce back in your step.

Surviving life isn’t good enough. Living it is the dream we all hope to make come true one day. Realise that dream in every nibble, lick and bite at Tryst. Live the romance of life as you romance your taste buds.

Nibble on your edible fantasies

Take your taste buds on a journey to nirvana as you delve into delectable bite sized delights. You will never be disappointed.